05 July 2008

Summer Sampler Stole, Pattern 6

Pattern 6 of the Summer Sampler Stole is done:

Pattern 6 of the Summer Sampler Stole

The gracefully arching fronds of this pattern remind me of the Maiglöckchen (= Lily of the Valley) pattern I saw in a book I recently purchased ("Maiglöckchen - Variationen eines traditionellen Strickmusters", ISBN 3-8334-1337-9). Except it does not have the nupps of the traditional Estonian pattern. This old pattern seems to enjoy a renewed popularity at this time - it is also featured in the latest issue (Jul/Aug 2008) of Piecework magazine. The book shows how to apply the pattern to different garments and shawls. Here is a picture from the book (used with permission) showing the pattern:

Maiglöckchen pattern

You can see the contents of the book and more photos here. English instructions for a Möbius scarf are also available here (scroll to STR08).

I just love this pattern - it is very graceful and feminine.

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