29 June 2008

Progress with Summer Sampler Stole ...

Pattern 5 in the KAL of BadCat's Summer Sampler Stole caused me some head-scratching. I habitually mark all pattern repeats with a stitch marker, just so I can see at a glance exactly where I am. Well, in the case of this pattern, even though the pattern repeat in the chart looks perfectly lined up for each row, you will have to move the pattern markers 1 stitch to the left whenever the next row has a yarn-over in the left pattern edge. So, for a few rows the pattern shifts 1 stitch to the left. This pattern is really nice, see ...

BadCat calls it the Grand Spider ... I cannot see the spiders :-) ... others say it looks more like people. Either way, it's a beautiful pattern.

In other news ... Germany did not win the European Soccer Championship (sob), let's see how they do in the World Cup in two years.

We saw WALL*E this weekend - a very good movie, with a message and a love story! Pixar always does a short before the main feature film - this one was really funny. It was called Presto (I believe) and is about a hungry magician's rabbit (you know: the ones that get pulled out of a hat) who refuses to play along until he's fed.

24 June 2008

Summer Sampler stole

Currently, my main project is the Summer Sampler stole by Bad Cat Designs (see blog list). I just finished pattern 4:

This is a nice practice for someone like me who knows how to do the basics, but hasn't yet tried lace knitting. Eventually I hope to graduate and try one of the Niebling patterns. But before then I want to design my own Shetland/Orenburg style lace shawl.

Tomorrow are the semi-finals of the European Soccer Championship. Go Germany!!!


Hello there.

This blog is intended to mainly chronicle my current knitting hobby. You will also find occasional entries of what else is going on in my life.

I am (in 2008) 48 year old female, married, living in the San Francisco East Bay. I was born and raised in Germany and came to this area in 1989. I am a professional translator, working as a freelancer until 2006, and am now employed in a SW company as a QA Engineer.

Besides knitting, I like to garden, practice yoga (I have to admit to my shame that I'm an on/off exerciser), and reading (especially murder mysteries).

Favorite quote (can't remember where I first read it):

There are no boundaries except those
perceived by the senses, and arranged
into reality by the mind.