29 June 2008

Progress with Summer Sampler Stole ...

Pattern 5 in the KAL of BadCat's Summer Sampler Stole caused me some head-scratching. I habitually mark all pattern repeats with a stitch marker, just so I can see at a glance exactly where I am. Well, in the case of this pattern, even though the pattern repeat in the chart looks perfectly lined up for each row, you will have to move the pattern markers 1 stitch to the left whenever the next row has a yarn-over in the left pattern edge. So, for a few rows the pattern shifts 1 stitch to the left. This pattern is really nice, see ...

BadCat calls it the Grand Spider ... I cannot see the spiders :-) ... others say it looks more like people. Either way, it's a beautiful pattern.

In other news ... Germany did not win the European Soccer Championship (sob), let's see how they do in the World Cup in two years.

We saw WALL*E this weekend - a very good movie, with a message and a love story! Pixar always does a short before the main feature film - this one was really funny. It was called Presto (I believe) and is about a hungry magician's rabbit (you know: the ones that get pulled out of a hat) who refuses to play along until he's fed.

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