07 September 2009

Indiski done!!!


Just finished blocking and taking some blocking shots of the Indiski Shawl. Fortunately, it stretched out nicely and measures now about 59" x 78.5" (1.5 m x 2.0 m) - I was afraid it would be too small. What a difference blocking makes ... from a crumply, small bunch to a beautiful shawl!

It took about 250 g of fingering weight alpaca which I bought a long time ago in Peru, 2.75 mm needles, and about 3.5 months. Here are 2 blocking pictures:

From the side ...

... and from the tip

Of course now the post-finishing limbo is setting in. What to do next? Hmm. I should finish the Caffe Latte scarf, but I also want to start on another shawl that recently caught my eye: The Flight of the Honeybees scarf by Sharon Winsauer.


  1. That is truly exquisite! Did you design it?

    I like the Honeybee shawl--it's an interesting mixture of Estonian, Shetland, and I guess, Barbara Walker :)

    And Harry is writing a book called Harry's Knitting Tricks and Guide to Great Albanian Karaoke Bars. I'll be sure to let you know if he ever finds a publisher.

  2. Thank you, miyamojo and fleegle!

    The pattern is from the May/June Piecework magazine - the only thing I added are the 4 holes in the "filled squares".

    I'm currently swatching for the Honeybees shawl - I had some trouble with the bee pattern, but then kellyru (Ravelry) pointed me to an IK issue that had a very similar pattern and a better explanation of it. Now I'm trying to determine the best needle size for the yarn I have. What I like about the Honeybees shawl is the overall theme: honeybees swarming to gather nectar from the lily-of-the-valleys and having to watch out for the spiderwebs in the corners!

    Looking forward to Harry's book!

  3. I think that probably depends on how many beads there are. I'll get a feel for heaviness on the body, and then decide what to do about the sleeves.

  4. Um, forgot to add. No matter what, there will be No Sewing!

  5. Congratulations!

    What, if anything, did you knit on your trip?

  6. To Raveller: I did not knit anything on my trip - didn't even bring along a project! The days were so full with sight-seeing, we just fell into bed in the evenings.