25 May 2009

Funnelneck Sweater done! Indiski started!


Thanks to the 3-day weekend I was able to finish the Funnelneck sweater. It was a fun project overall, even though I had to re-knit about 3/4 of it, in order to get the sizing right (despite gauge swatches, measuring and re-calculating a few times!).

Here it is:
Funnelneck Sweater - finished!

I DO love the stripes, and the construction, which is done in three parts for the front and back, prevents knitting boredom.

After weaving in all the ends and stashing it away for the next winter, I finally could start on the Indiski Shawl (= Olga's Indiski (= Indian) Shawl in the May/June 2009 issue of Piecework Magazine). I started swatching ... after making mistakes, I finally remembered that for lace knitting distractions (watching TV, cats on lap etc.) are BAD. Since I'm a beginner lace knitter, I still need to pay full attention.

Indiski Shawl - swatch

This swatch shows plain garter stitch sections at bottom - the first one knit with 2.5 mm needles, the second one with 2.75 mm needles. I switched to the larger needles, because my stitch gauge was about 3 to 4 stitches over the recommended gauge. The rest of the sample is also knitted with the larger needles. I do like the smaller needles better, though, even though it would make the shawl smaller - the stitches look neater. I will knit the pattern with the smaller needles, too and then decide.

We watched Terminator Salvation today - I was not too impressed - it's simply an action flick, and worse, it does not even answer the question of how the Terminator was able to travel back in time! For the whole of the movie I was waiting in vain to see "the machines" build a time machine! But Aahnold puts in a brief (computer animated) appearance! In the nude!

Till next time!

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  1. I just happened to be cruising on the Big Girl Knits site- LOVE your funnel neck! Great job!!! Since I designed the pattern, I always wondered how other knitters would do with it. Thank you for your comments-