17 March 2009

Thrift Store find!

On a whim I decided to visit the thrift store that's more or less on my way home from work. I was looking at the bags of acrylic left-over yarns, when I spotted a bag full of what looked like a whole lot of finished crocheted stars, together with two balls of crochet cotton. Feeling sorry for whoever put in all this work, and thinking that maybe there might be a larger piece already sewn up, suitable for a doily or so, I bought the bag for $4.99. My total purchase of about $14 was discounted another $3.99, so I can argue that I got the bag full of crochet pieces for $1!

When I opened it at home, this was in it:

Thrift Store find - a hand-made crochet table cloth!

A large, fully sewn up crochet table cloth, definitely fit for a dinner table. About a third of the stars have tails hanging from them, but I'll gladly do the weaving in. No holes other than the ones that are supposed to be there. There are two or three areas with small yellowish stains, which are hard to see. Here is a close-up (the darker area is my shadow):


It will have to air out a bit, and then I'll wash it.



  1. How wonderful! I love it that you are planning to weave in the tails. The person who made it to begin with would probably really appreciate your taking it over and finishing it up.

    Would it work as a window hanging?

  2. I don't think so, it's fairly heavy, and quite large: I'm guesstimating about 2.5 yards by 1.5 yards.

  3. Oh my--wjat a lucky find! Maybe you can use the leftover stars to trim matching napkins?

    You are quite welcome regarding the Something Wicked shawl. It's really lovely--unusual construction and it drapes beautifully.

  4. Well, I am making it for a baby, so I thing I will pass on the lips :)