11 January 2009

A Beautiful Morning!


In the morning the doves were picking at left-over birdseed around a tree in our yard. The sun comes in at a sharp angle to create the stark light-and-dark contrast - almost too much for the camera to handle.

A winter morning in California!

The Hanami stole is progressing ... I am now working on the 7th repeat of the basketweave pattern. I will add an 8th repeat and also a few extra rows in most of the following patterns to balance the second half of the stole. And since I want to have more of the cherry-blossom "cloud", rather than the ordered blossoms at the end, I'm going to shorten the last pattern ("G") by 25%. That will result in enough rows of straight-laced cherry-blossoms at the end - to create the connection to the ordered basket-weave pattern.

Here is the current status:

Hanami Stole, 6+ Basketweave pattern repeats

My ironing board is now too small to fully show the pinned-out work in progress, and I was too lazy to bring out my blocking board, so I only pinned it partially.

Only 24 days to the Lace Making workshop at Lacis!!!

Take care!

1 comment:

  1. That's a wonderful photo of winter in California! I really enjoyed it. It looks quiet but powerful.
    Hopefully I will read about your experiences with the Lace Making Workshop at Lacis. esp. about Galina Khmeleva. Wish there would be something similar here in Germany...
    Have fun!