23 August 2008

Quickie Headband Project

23 Aug 2008: So I'm working along (for months now) on my Teal Cardigan and Summer Sampler stole projects, and I suddenly realize that I'm craving the "Yeah! - I finished it!!!" feeling. Looking for a quick fix, I received inspiration from Halfmännchen's blog. A cabled headband with shaped cables - a technique I've never done. (I used Dawn Brocco's book Curvaceous Cables Collection.) So I grabbed the nearest half-used ball of yarn and began practicing the pattern a bit last evening. Note: Cables are much easier to work when you use wooden needles - the stitches don't slide off the needles while you work the cable needle! I started the headband this morning and was finished after about 4 hours. A nice quick project!

Here's the headband by itself:

... and on my favorite model:

Till next time!

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